Product Name Chemical Composition Apperiance Application  TDS   MSDS
COLORFAST CRF High molecular weight organic compound Liquid Wet rubbing fastness improver for after reactive dyeing, printing and denim fabrics.    
COLORCAPS FRUITY/LAVANDER Melamine resin microcapsules Liquid Microencapsulated Fragrances designed for different applications in textile, detergents, softeners, paints and paper.    
COLORSOFT PES H/C Amino modified silicone copolymer Liquid Jet stable and water dispersible silicone softener designed especially for Polyester and its blended materials    
COLORSOFT SHE Amino functional polysiloxane emulsion Liquid Special Hydrophilic Softener for towel and textile softening treatments    
COLORSOFT UN SPECIAL Mixture of oil and oil esters Liquid Universal softener for all kind of white/colored textile materials to obtain soft and slippery handle    
COLORPRET ECO Modified dimethyloldihydroxyethylene urea Liquid Formaldehyde free easy-care resin for woven and knitted textile finishes    
COLORDEEP PDF Amino functional polydimethylsiloxane Liquid Color deepener for Polyester and Sulphur dyed cellulosic materials    
COLORDEEP YKM Amino functional polydimethylsiloxane Liquid Special silicone Deepening agent without impact on hydrophility and softness.    
COLORFIX M200 Polyamine condensation product Liquid Formaldehyde free, concentrated fixing agent for Reactive and Direct dyed materials.    
COLORSTAT 2000 H/C Blend of polymeric compounds Solid Permanent Antistatic and Hydrophility improver for Polyester materials    
COLORSTAT 2000 Blend of polymeric compounds Liquid Permanent Antistatic and Hydrophility improver for Polyester materials    
COLORSOFT CF 100 FLAKE Fatty acid condensation product Flake Universal Cationic Flake Softener    
COLORSOFT NF 200 FLAKE Fatty acid condensation product Flake Universal Nonionic Flake Softener    
COLORSOFT T1022 Tallow Fatty acid quaternary ammonium salt Paste High purity biodegradable esterquat softener    
COLORPOL APR 50 Modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion Liquid Permanent Anti-curling agent and stiffener for edges of knitted fabrics    


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