PERX® Hydrogen Peroxide 100 Test Strips

How it works?

Basically, Hydrogen Peroxide reacts with peroxidase (POD) and the organic redox indicator in the test to form a blue colored oxidations compound. The peroxide concentration is measured semi- quantitatively by visual comparison of the reaction zone of the test strip with the fields of a color scale.

This test measures inorganic peroxides in aqueous solutions and organic solvents. However, it is recommended to treat the measurement results obtained in organic solvents only as guideline values, since the color in appearance and intensity may vary depending on the solvent medium. In this case, every blue coloration of the reaction zone indicates that peroxide is present. Polymeric peroxides are not at all or only incompletely measured.

If the sample solution has a pH value of 2–12, the reaction will take place without interferences. Strong acid solutions must be buffered with sodium acetate and alkaline solutions with citric acid to a pH of 5 – 7. The presence of other strong oxidants will also lead to false positive results.

Why PERX® Hydrogen Peroxide Test 100 Strips?

PERX® Hydrogen Peroxide Test 100 are the best test strips for the semi-quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide and peroxides in solutions. These test strips have been designed for just dip-and-read to be used in many different applications:

  • Bleaching and oxidizing agents (paper and textile industries)
  • Residual peroxides in dialysis equipment at hospitals
  • Simple ethers, peracetic acid and other organic and inorganic peroxides.
  • UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) milk processing
  • Pickling and copper-stripping baths
  • Disinfectant and rinsing solutions (e. g. food technology, laundries)
  • Swimming pool water


Importance of detection peroxidase activity in milk!
The quality of milk depends decisively on its successful heat treatment. If milk is heated to above 85° C, the enzyme lactoperoxidase (POD) is 
completely inactivated. The UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) control of the milk can be observed. When lactoperoxidase is detected, pasteurization temperatures have been maintained and milk has been successfully pasteurized. For Dairies, presence/non-presence statements are usually sufficient.

What are the features and benefits of PERX® Peroxide Test Strips?

  • Excellent for quick determination of hydrogen peroxide activity in a solution.
  • Easy evaluation with a color scale whether activity is present.
  • Inexpensive, compared to electronic measuring equipment’s which needs regular calibration.
  • Convenient and portable for field use.

Shelf-life and storage

  • Store at 2 – 8°C to maintain top condition for long years
  • Close the box immediately after removing each strip
  • Protect from light and moisture

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